Prestigious international                              exhibition of
                        technological innovations,
                          patents and inventions

                      in the Czech Republic


   Popularization of science, research and education.

It brings together representatives of investors, research institutes, innovative companies, universities, secondary schools, young creators and producers, seeking interesting innovation impulses.

It forms business opportunities or solutions for your ideas and inventions awaiting implementation.

It creates space for innovators, researchers and people interested in science to present the latest domestic and world trends.

It compares the technical level of Czech and foreign exhibitors.

It presents technology, science and research as part of the national culture and thus emphasizes the unique role of the country's economy and development.

It offers new knowledge and information in the form of educational seminars, presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

It points out the importance of creative work and the importance of industrial legal protection for the application of new solutions on the market.

It supports the interest of the young generation in technical education.

Participation gives you the opportunity 

  • to present the latest technologies and trends
  • to establish contacts with company representatives
  • to get to know creative thinking from around the world
  • to establish specific cooperation during the exhibition
  • to receive a special "GRAND PRIX" award from an international organization
  • to participate in seminars, presentations and panel discussions

Categories of exhibitors

  • Ecology and environmental protection 
  • Metallurgy, engineering and construction
  • Transport and energy
  • Chemistry and agriculture
  • Healthcare and biotechnology
  • Computer technology, telecommunications, automation, informatics
  • Young innovators under 26 years of age
  • Others

Host city TŘINEC

The host city is located in Moravia in the border area. It borders Poland and Slovakia. In Třinec, the industrial heart of the city and the beauty of the surrounding countryside are united. In a few moments, after a visit to heavy metallurgical operations, you can stand on the tops of the surrounding mountains and relax undisturbed in the middle of the Beskydy forests. The region's attractions are also traditional architecture and folklore. The color scheme of wooden buildings, preservation of traditional craftsmanship, folk customs and customs makes visitors forget where the border between the past and the present is.

Venue of the exhibition WERK ARENA

Multifunctional arena WERK ARENA, where the exhibition takes place, is primarily used for hockey. However, the hall space is designed for various cultural and social events (concerts, exhibitions, fairs, congresses, etc.). Thanks to its equipment and high-standard facilities it is considered one of the most modern arenas in Europe and you will find it in the world unique - the longest continuous LED board.