Patents still move the industrial world today. Who knew Apple had dozens of patents, among which can be found even the smallest details in its stores, such as glass steps, stands on which iPads are placed, or paper shopping bags.

Admission is free

We are proud that, as in previous years, the exhibition including the accompanying programme is completely free of charge for visitors! We look forward to seeing you!

Accompanying programme

Like every year, we are preparing a number of accompanying activities for both young and old.

We will gradually reveal and introduce the programme and activities you can look forward to.

Industry 5.0

Michael Rada will present Industry 5.0, which is not the fifth industrial revolution, as many believe, but the first human-driven industrial evolution. The strength of this evolution is evidenced by the fact that in just nine months a network of ambassadors has been established in over 100 countries to provide local support to companies, individuals and governments.


Use the password "INVENT ARENA 2024" when booking