The project is co-financed by the Visegrad Fund

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

More information about Visegrad Fund you will find here.


The main aim of the object is to increase science popularization on the regional level with emphasis on youth.

The project focuses on the popularization of science, innovation and new technologies.

The aim of the project is to organize (for the third time) an international exhibition of new technologies, inventions and innovations (INVENT ARENA), whose main objective is:

- to promote science and technical education in an untraditional way, to raise public awareness of its importance and attractiveness,

- to stimulate innovative thinking among the youth, to motivate them to seek new, innovative solutions in everyday life, to raise their interest in science and technology,

- to support and inspire young technical talents and creators,

- to present interesting inventions, new trends and technologies to the public and professionals,

- to motivate and inspire SMEs to innovate activities and technological development,

- to support networking and development of cooperation among participants, especially between companies, scientific and research institutions and schools.

The exhibition is a specific event aimed at popularization of science and technical education, which is one of the ways to solve the problems of the V4 countries, related mainly to HR.

The exhibition will take place in Třinec, which lies in the CZ-PL-SK border region. The 3rd year of the INVENT ARENA will focus more on Visegrad countries (compared to previous years), which will have a greater opportunity to present their activities and results on an international platform, discuss common problems and solutions and present technical study fields at universities in V4 countries.



The Czech Metallurgical Society is a leader of the project. It is a non-profit interest association that brings together individuals and organizations in the field of metallurgy and related sectors. It was founded in 1958 and has almost 1150 members from all over the Czech Republic.

Its mission is to develop knowledge and creative activities of its members as well as of the public and thus support the faster development of the region. Its main activities include a promotion and popularization of R&D, innovation and technology, promoting young people's interest in studying technical fields.  The Czech Metallurgical Society is interested in research and development in the field of natural, technical and social sciences.


It is a modern university (7 faculties, ca. 8000 students) with significant research activity, one of the leading educational and scientific research institutions in Slovakia.

It is involved in almost 200 domestic and 65 international scientific projects and organises about 60 scientific and professional events per year. They work on the development of intelligent transport systems, on the construction of the small electric car eDison, on an automatic anti-icing spray system for roads and other innovations.

Partner participated in the previous years of Invent Arena.

Partner will be actively involved in the preparation, implementation and promotion of the event, presenting its latest science and research projects, knowledge and experience, thereby contributing to the creation of an interesting program and achievement of objectives.



It is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe (8 faculties, over 18,500 students). 

It ranks among the largest research institutions in the Czechia with a wide range of research activities. More than 700 research projects are under way. They include unique research in machine tools, computer simulations, biomechanics, building materials, nanotechnologies, smart cities etc. It organizes a number of events aimed at the popularization of science and technology among high school students. It was the first school in the Czechia to open the Industry 4.0 study program. The university has its own patent center.

The partner participated in the previous years of Invent arena as an exhibitor.

This time he will also be involved in the preparation and promotion of the event. With its experience and interesting projects, it will contribute to the creation of an interesting program and to the fulfilment of project goals.



  It is a family micro-enterprise founded in 1994.

It is active in environmental protection. Its main activity is technical development, especially the development of environmental products and technologies. It has more than 30 patents and more than 10 know-how in green technologies and new technologies for water and air cleaning.

The partner participated in the 1st year of the Invent Arena, he won a gold medal for his invention "Energy production by drying and burning of communal waste water sludge".

It is the very opposite of academic partners. Its story (small company that is successful in development and innovation) can be an inspiration for many small inventors and businesses. As a representative of the private sector, it will provide a different perspective on the importance of creative activities and innovation in SMEs, thereby making the program of Invent Arena more attractive.



It is a dynamically developing university of humanities and natural sciences (7 faculties, ca 9,000 students).

It has rich experience and international success in research and innovation (in 2019 it was awarded for e.g. Crusher for plastics, System for noncontact quality control of flat or corrugated plate structural elements etc.), wide database of contacts thanks to cooperation with other universities, scientific and research centres (Polish and international) and companies.

The applicant has not cooperated with the partner yet.

Partner will be actively involved in the preparation, implementation and promotion of the event, presenting its latest science and research projects, knowledge and experience in the fields of innovation, technology and collaboration, thereby contributing to the creation of an interesting program of the exhibition and to the achievement of the project objectives.


                           Coordinator of INVENT ARENA 2020 project:

                              Ing. Jana Szczuková, project manager

                             phone: +420 725 091 616

                             e-mail: szczukova@beepartner.cz