6030 - New technique for the prediction of fertility by using sperm-ovum penetration

Prof. Dr. Hazim Jabbar Al-Daraji

Iraqi Forum of Inventors

Patent 4115

In normal case we put the eggs of birds in the incubator and hatchery machines for specific period according the type of bird and after the complete period we would know the results of fertility and hatchability rates. So, we would lost all infertile eggs as these eggs became at this moment not edible for human and at the same time this would considered as very economic lost because we can’t use these eggs for any purpose. Consequently, we adopt new technique for the first time in the world for determine fertility and hatchability rates of bird eggs in the laboratory before entrance of eggs in incubation machine. So, we can according these accurate results determine our decision by entrance these eggs into the incubation machine for hatching or use these eggs for human consumption. This technique is rather simple and cheap and would give the results to the farmer or poultry breeder within few hours after collection bird eggs after natural mating or artificial insemination between different types of birds.

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