6023 - Method of simulating kinetics of movement of bulk material particles and device for making the same

Jiří Zegzulka prof. Ing., CSc., Petr Bortlík Ing., Otakar Dokoupil Ing., CSc., Robert Brázda Ing., Ph.D., Jan Nečas Ing., Ph.D.

Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava

Patent 303348

The invention relates to identifying the properties of bulk solids, and addresses the implementation of control or simulation experiments for the verification of engineering works and the research activities in the field of application processes connected with bulk solids handling, in particular the simulation of the course of pressures, the size of flow profiles, the simulation of flow and velocity fields, circumfluence of the passive elements, corners, barriers, etc., among other things the structure of the composition of bulk solids, including the structure of particle nanoaggregates.

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