6020 - Toolbox for humanitarian demining

Adam Januszko, Marcin Szczepaniak, Janusz Sliwinski, Kazimierz Szyszka

Military Institute of Engineer Technology (WITI)


Toolbox for humanitarian demining is a set of five tools to be used by humanitarian demining community or special military units to neutralize mines, submunitions, UXO and IEDs. The first tool is the chemical, nontoxic method of neutralising the explosive RDX (cyclonite). The second and third invention is a complementary set of two prototype neutralisers: an explosive and a thermal one, used do dispose mines in-situ. The fourth tool is a light trailer and blast-containment vessel used to temporarily store and/or to transport a hazardous object to a safe disposal area. The fifth tool is a special mine roller.

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