6019 - CRT waste glass cladding tile

Ph. D. Eng. Danuta Chmielewska, M.Sc. Eng. Roman Gebel, M.Sc. Eng. Barbara Synowiec, Ph. D. Otto Andersen

Institute Of Ceramics and Building Materials


The essence of the invention is the technology of CRT waste glass disposal in the production process of glass tiles. 95% of raw material is CRT waste glass, the rest being additives. Physical and chemical parameters of produced tiles correspond with requirements of the standard applicable to traditional ceramic tiles, PN-EN 14411 Ceramic tiles. Definitions, classification, characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking. Waste glass can be dyed with inorganic pigments in order to improve their esthetics. In the production process of cladding tiles made of waste material the firing temperature is 290°C lower as compared with traditional firing process of ceramic tile. CRT tile can be decorated using any available technique

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