6006 - Convenient Clothes Drying Hanger

Hsiu-Jung Chou, Ru-Ting Ke, Yi-Tze Lin, Yi-Chien Lin, Wei-Hao Huang, Tsai-Ying Shen

Cheng Shiu University

Patent 105205348

It takes time when we collect the clothes drying on the hangers. To solve the time-consuming problem, the conveniently and rapidly falling clothes drying hanger is invented. It can not only save time but also energy. The “Convenient Clothes Drying Hanger” consists of several sets of clothes pins, and each pin is fixed with a gasket. There is a sleeve between pins. A rope is fixed on each pin and the end of the rope is connected to the control lever which is fixed on the main frame of the clothes horse. By operating the lever, all the pins can be opened simultaneously; hence, all of the clothes hanged in the specific horse can fall at the same time.

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