6005 - Chopstick + Spoon = Chopspoon

Pi-Heng Chung, Wen-Jung Chen, Wen-Shen Yen, Min Yao

De Lin Institute of Technology

Patent M479083

The two in one tableware-chopspoon has been introduced in this project. This light and easy to carry tableware is also well presented the concepts of hygiene as well as eco-friendly. This new design looks just like a chopsticks with an irregular oval shape at the bottom. However, when you clip those small buttons along the chopsticks, it will just transform into a spoon. In the other words, people who dine out frequently can bring this equipment with them and have no problems to eat any type of food they want. This invention has applied for 2 patents. It’s also won the silver medal in 2014 International Innovation and Invention Competition in HongKong.

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