6004 - Decanting Wine Glass

Wei-Wu Liu, Wen-Jung Chen, Pi-Heng Chung, Yu-Ying Ho, Chin-Ya Sun, Peng-Yin Huang

De Lin Institute of Technology

Patent M499850; ZL 2014 20789543.1

The decanter is well known for enhancing wine scent and flavor. However, it is often considered as fragile, difficult to carry around, and need a certain space. This new decanter shapes like a wine glass which is light and easy to carry. Before pouring the wine, use the lid to cover the glass for fulfilling oxygen from the air in the glass. Then, upside down the glass and pour wine to the bottom of the glass. The wine which runs through the valve set in the glass stem would arrive to the glass. The wine which stays in the glass would chemically interact with the oxygen in the glass and its flavor and aroma could be effectively improved.

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