6003 - Pleated fabric and textile formation comprising a layer of pleated fabric

Ing. Jaroslav Hanuš, Ph.D., Doc. Ing. Ladislav Ševčík, CSc., Ing. Martin Konečný, Ph.D., Doc. Ing. Pavel Rydlo, Ph.D., Ing. Martin Diblík, Ph.D.,

Technická univerzita Liberec

Patent EP2309045

The invention relates to the pleated fabric comprising folds, which are alternately on opposite sides of fabric closed by peaks of the folds and whose width continually changes along height of the fold. Next to this the invention also relates to the textile formation comprising at least one layer of the pleated fabric according to the invention, on which at least one further layer of fabric is positioned. Usability of product are as acoustic isolation in automotive industry and in special filters.

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