5003 - Not a Drop Left No-Waste Bottle

Yuan-Yu Lin

Chinese Innovation and Invention Society


we created a type of pressing bottle, whose  technical constituents include: a bottle body, a pressing portion, and a tubular body. The above-mentioned bottle body has an opening at the top, while the bottom surface is convex; an opening is provided in the pressing portion; the side tubular body comprises of one end connected to the main tubular body of the pressing portion, and at least two branch tubes connected to the other end of the main tubular body, and the other ends of these branch tubes are located around the lowest point of the convex surface of the bottle bottom. In this way, when the liquid in the bottle body is almost finished, it will sink into the convex bottom of the bottle and accumulate there, where the tubular body can easily suck it up entirely, achieving the aim of effective use of all liquid in the bottle, and without causing any waste.

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