4009 - Iamlost – system that helps lost people find their destination

Adrian Kuca, Sandra Sitek, Marcin Lasak, Krzysztof Smyczek

The King John III Sobieski Secondary School No 6 in Jastrzebie-Zdroj and Practical Center in Jastrzebie-Zdroj


"Iamlost" is an innovative computer system that is designed for people suffering from different kinds of diseases (Alzheimer's, Asperger's syndrome or autism ) that directly or indirectly cause the loss of their orientation outdoors. The system is also helpful for parents whose children got lost and can't safely come back home. This device would allow such children come back to their home stay. The „Iamlost” system was created in order to assist people with above mentioned impairments find their way back home. Each person using this application has got his guardian who, if necessary, gets information on his phone that the user of application is lost. An additional option of this program is to create a way back to the person who was lost. The system determines the way back to the place that was chosen by the guardian during the initial registration. Iamlost program also automatically searches for bus service from the nearest bus stops from which a lost person can go back home.

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