4006 - PIAP FENIX® robot

Tomasz Krakowka, Piotr Kociel, Lukasz Dudek, Slawomir Kapelko, Pawel Korba, Maciej Wojtowicz, Sebastian Pawlowski, Mariusz Kozak, Jacek Mickiewicz, Adam Aftyka

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP

Patent P.409353, P.397628, P.398072

Its compact size enables quick inspection of hard-to-reach areas and premises; The robot’s wheels as well as front flippers can be uninstalled easily.  This allows the robot’s overall dimensions to be reduced, enabling operation in hard-to-reach spaces; The robot’s small weight facilitates transporting and handling of the robot (e.g. carrying it in a military knapsack;) Owing to its drive mechanism, the robot swiftly overcomes surface undulations and obstacles with angles of ascension of up to 45°; The robot’s modular structure allows quick and easy replacement of additional equipment; Using the manipulator arm, the robot may transport packages weighing up to 4.5 kg (at full extension of the manipulator arm); The remote control station (in the form of a small, lightweight suitcase) allows controlling the robot and its additional equipment;

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