4004 - Digital Spectrometric System of Nucelar Radiation

prof. Ing. Václav Přenosil, CSc.

Masarykova univerzita Brno

Utility model 27510 a 28043

The Digital Spectrometric System of Nuclear Radiation is a result of the cooperation of Masaryk University and the company VF, ltd. In two-parameter mode the system can serve as a neutron and gamma radiation spectrometer with an organic scintillator stilbene or a proportional hydrogen-filled counter. In single-parameter mode the system can be used with almost any spectrometric detector, providing it is not necessary to identify the type of the particle being detected. The main advantages of the system are high accuracy and speed of processing the measured data and the possibility to interpret the measured data both in an on-line and an off-line mode. The system can be applied e.g. in nuclear energy production, research of fusion technologies or radiation protection.

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