3044 - Tungaj Transformer

Drago Vrhovnik

V D d.o.o.


The air around us is full of electro-phonic waves: from radio antennae, cellular phone towers, satellites, microwaves, wi-fi routers, and so much more. While invisible, they are not all harmless. Countless studies indicate that this radiation can interfere with sleep, mood and even health. The British Medical Journal published a study proving that people who live in proximity to cellular towers are more likely to suffer negative symptoms. With the installation of the Tungaj Transformer, atoms of pure carbon, gold, silver, silicon and other elements establish torsion/scalar energy. This type of energy had already been researched by the great scientist and inventor of international repute, Nikola Tesla. Among other things, Tesla developed the alternating current generator, which is used in every household. He invented the coil that creates scalar energy. After many years of research and tests, we have finally managed to develop the Tungaj Transformer, which creates harmony and a healthy wavelength. The Tungaj Transformer is an intricate combination of knowledge about the subtle, supportive forces of nature that help human beings to establish existential balance. Tungaj Transformer has been certified as effective by independent, objective scientists from the Institute of Bioelectrophotonics in Germany. In addition to these objective indications of its efficacy. The latest research was made in the laboratory of plant cytogenetics, where they used the Allium M test. The results tell us that Tungaj Transformer protection really works. The genotoxicity level in an onion exposed to non-ionizing radiation was much higher than the same onion, exposed to the same radiation but also placed next to a Tungaj Transformer. Drago Vrhovnik spent years, and a considerable investment of financial resources, into developing and perfecting the Tungaj Transformers. Each one is meticulously crafted by hand, inside and out. This is a slow, laborious process, and is expensive—not an ideal business model to meet the huge demand for Tungaj Transformers, around the world.

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