3031 - Innovation of Colostomy from Deproteinised Natural Rubber (DPNR)

Worrawit wanitsuwan


Patent 1503000124

This is the revolution of nature and colostomy bag, colostomy ring, and colostomy Skin Barrier. Let's talk about the advantages of this invention. First is the new locking system. This newly designed locking system can completely prevent waste leaking out of the colostomy bag. In addition, we invent a new perfect rubber colostomy bag which can support and hold up to 600 grams of waste from the patient. It can hold for more than 3 days. This can significantly reduce the cost that is easily affordable and greatly improve the quality of the patient's life. Additionally, the most important invention that we have ever invented is the perfect formula of natural rubber for colostomy skin barrier that we have ever invented to help the patient reduce allergy that usually occur on most patients when they use other polymers Skin Barrier. Last but not least, this product is 100% biodegradable materials which definitely save our planet. To sum up, I would like to show you the best colostomy system which composed of colostomy locking ring, colostomy skin barrier, and colostomy bag that made from 99% natural rubber with allergy free.

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