3028 - iSULIN – mobile sensor-based system and non-invasive diabetics’ health monitoring method, using multi-spectral photoplethysmography.

Mariusz Chmielewski, Damian Fraszczak, Dawid Bugajewski, Ernest Szczepaniak, Krzysztof Jakubowski

Military University of Technology, Cybernetics Faculty


iSULIN is mHealth class system for monitoring diabetics’ health, supporting continuous analysis of blood sugar levels and other medical parameters of the patient. The system is using proprietary non-invasive wrist sensor for continuous analysis of pulse, blood pressure, saturation and blood sugar levels. Using such parameters iSULIN is able to examine and evaluate current diabetics health state. iSULIN offers a non-invasive method to measure blood parameters – multi-spectral photoplethysmography PPG (spectrum in discreet range of 600nm–1600nm) - providing mobile, autonomous and convenient way of measurement. Developed invention utilises proprietary, original PPG signal processing algorithm.

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