3026 - Process of utilization of wastewater from biodiesel plant

Tadeusz Porebski, Slawomir Tomzik, Katarzyna Polarczyk, Dawid Berny;

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute

Patent P. 414706

The present invention relates to a process of utilization of wastewater from the biodiesel production by transesterification of vegetable oil with methyl alcohol. Wastewater from the biodiesel production is disposed as follows: methanol is removed by distillation (then it is recycled to the oils transesterification process). The after-run is subjected to microfiltration process using ceramic membranes to give a retentate containing emulsions and suspensions particles, and permeate which is subjected to reverse osmosis with the use of polymer membranes. As a result of this process there are obtained, retentate containing glycerol and, as a permeate, water with the purity required for the process water or circulating cooling water. The retentate containing more than 10% of glycerol, in order to recover it, is recycled to, existing in the biodiesel factory, the distillation of glycerol received from the transesterification process node. In the patented process, over 95% of the wastewater stream is converted into valuable products, ie., methanol, glycerol and water and it is used again in the biodiesel plant

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