3022 - Novel quatraphenyle based photoinitiators operating under UV and blue LEDs and usable for various polymerization reactions

Joanna Ortyl, Anna Chacha-Brekiesz, Iwona Kaminska- Borek

Cracow University of Technology

Patent P.412723; P.408415

The subject of this invention is a set of new, highly efficient photoinitiators based on novel quatraphenyle molecules, for cationic, free-radical and hybrid photopolymerization processes of monomers.  The newly developed photoinitators are an alternative method to increase the initiation efficiency of photopolymerization processes, when medium pressure mercury lamps are used as the UV light sources. Novel photoinitiators are specifically adapted also for visible LED excitation. The photoinduced polymerization of monomers is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly and safe method for production of protective polymer coatings on various surfaces. It is applied for photocurable solvent-free paints, lacquers, inks, dental fillings and other coating materials, wherever fast drying or setting is important.

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