3018 - Human Arm by Using Air Muscle “Artificial Arm”

Mohamed Elmously & Moustafa Moh’d Hassen

The Egyptian Inventors Syndicate - The Egyptian Society for Women & Youth Inventor

Patent 2009/456

The projects focus on increasing the human muscle strength and help the disabled people, makes their life easier. In addition to build a new generation of machines works on principle of human muscle with pneumatic power. The project is a Prosthesis or Artificial Limb as a cure of muscle dystrophy. The arm was designed to sense the movement of human body through variable semiconductor elements, or imitating the body movement by brain signal. The objective of this arm is for helping the muscle atrophy disease, and increase or enhance their strength. The Effects: 1.Solution for disability people, with low cost. 2. It could be used as an external arm to labourers, to give them external power. 3. The advantages compare to the exiting arm in markets,

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