3009 - Automatic Hindering Device for Fish Escaping during a Flood in a Pond

Min-Chie Chiu, Hao-Wei Zeng, Shu-Wen Juang, Che-Min Chiu, Pei-Yun Chiu

Chung Chou University of Science and Technology

Patent M462514

This invention provides a potable and easy device used for preventing fish escaping from a pond during a flood. It often happens that most fish escape from a pond when flooding occurs during typhoon season. This causes a great loss of money for the pond owner. This invention includes base units, vertical poles, horizontal poles, rings, a cap, a fishing net, and floating balls. The vertical pole is located at the base and rotated along the ground. When a typhoon comes, the vertical pole will adjust in a vertical direction and the horizontal pole will be connected between the bases. Additionally, a fishing net connected with rings is attached along the vertical poles: and the caps are affixed to the top of the vertical pole. Finally, the floating balls connected to the rings are attached to the top of the net. When flooding occurs, the water overflow from the pond will pull up the net using the floating ball.

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