3008 - A Fish-Feeding Box with a Net

Tsung-Hsiang Kuo, Min-Chie Chiu, Shu-Wen Juang, Che-Min Chiu, Pei-Yun Chiu, Hao-Wei Zeng

Chung Chou University of Science and Technology

Patent M508903

This invention is a device used for preventing fish from escaping from a pond during a flood. Fish often escape from a pond when flooding occurs during the typhoon season. This causes a great loss of money for the pond owner. This invention is composed of a plastic fish-feeding box, a net, and a floating device. Also, a partition unit used to stop the outside water from mixing with the inner water is adopted. When a typhoon comes, the pond will flood; however, the fish-feeding box will be lifted up by the floating device. Therefore, no fish can escape the box.

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