3001 - System and method for verification of product authenticity

Václav Ranc; Radek Zboři

Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

Registered 2015-140; PCT/CZ2015/050015

The KeyLock technology provides effective authenticity control of product and protect product against counterfeiting using combination of unique pair of Key and Lock. It is possible to clearly detect the Key component only in the case, that there is a correct Lock in the advanced detection system. Without using of this Lock, it is not possible to find Key in the tested sample. If the Key is added by producer into product (spirits, perfumes, cosmetics, …), it is possible to unambiguously authenticate product and increase producer's profit, customer satisfaction and protect customers from low quality counterfeits. Moreover, the costs of marking the product are in comparison with product price negligible. The Key is identical to natural substances contained in food or cosmetics and therefore it is nontoxic and environment friendly.

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