Ivan Miksic

Union of Croatian Innovators; TTK Ltd.


High efficiency multistage turbine in which the utilization of the temperature drop is maximized. The specially profiled rotor blades are fixed to the shaft rotating at 10500 RPM. The blades are of an integral type. They can be individually replaced which is an improvement compared to the existing solutions while enabling a high intrinsic efficiency of the turbine, up to 85%. Inside the stator, static blades are fixed in a number of rows on the inner casing of both hi-pressure and low-pressure stages, together with two groups of jet nozzles. Labyrinth seals on both ends of the casing prevent steam leakage and increase the turbine efficiency in that way. An inner seal can also be found inside the turbine, preventing the steam flow from the high-pressure stage to the low-pressure stage. The casing is made of two shells, the upper and the lower one, both made of special cast steel. Steam feeding and exhaust piping and parts of the manifolds are attached to the casing. The external casing is thermally insulated. The sleeve bearings, one radial and one axio-radial, are lubricated from an oil circuit. The turbine is equipped with an electronic regulator, which simultaneously regulates the speed of the rotor and the pressure of the regulated steam extraction and enables remote control and automated operation of the turbine set.

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