Silvano Bizjak

Silvano Bizjak s.p.

Patent PCT/SI2016/000004

The subject-matter of invention is a pusher of a hydraulic lever which presents a straight-lined motion generator using buoyancy force and vacuum-supported (re-)pumping of the fluid. It replaces a pump that would consume a great deal of energy for water pumping, given that the differences in height bring about bigger pressure. The invention uses the (idle) strokes in motion of the axle installed/placed on the flat piston and moving along with the ballast tank up and down the cylinder by suction and releasing the water in a closed system. This system can be positioned on any location on the earth or in the space with an adequate gravitation force and temperature at which a fluid and gas in a closed system have a permanent existence. The system is not dependent on any natural energy sources, such as coal, oil, gas, flowing water, uranium, wind, solar energy and similar sources. The technical problem addressed and resolved by the invention is how to use straight-lined motion, supported by vacuum, for the suction of fluid in a closed system and to fill the static vacuum cylinder. That solves the problem of minimal consumption of electricity for the operation of the system. Electrical power is only required for opening and closing of the valves. Also the valves are designed under the principle of quick-closing clamp, they open mechanically and do not require much energy for the operation, given that the system will be automatically driven by buoyancy and submerged by the own weight. The invention also (resolves the problem of pollution) keeps the pollution as low as possible during the process of electricity generation by using the strokes (transmissions of straight-lined motion) of the axle to push the piston (hydraulics). The strokes are operated by minimal consumption of electricity – just for opening the holes on the piston, of valves and switches. In case the valves are opened mechanically, electricity supply is only need for opening the holes on the flat piston and on the lower part of the cylinder, which consumes even less electricity. The system supports automatic synchronous operation of repetitive processes. In most of cases the system is not dependent on weather and geographic conditions. It can also be used in smaller residential units, e.g. households, to generate electricity.

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