2060 - Technological system for the reconstruction of historical buildings

Ivan S. Klaneček

ING. KLAN d.o.o.

Patent EU P-23605

This is a technological system for the restoration of historical buildings (museums, churches, castles). It's based on mineral technology (all materials are of natural origin). Several European institutes have conducted studies of this technological system, including the Institute for Biology in Rosenheim. All technology is patented and it's used in Slovenia and European countries. Because of the durable nature of mineral technology, the reconstruction, rennovation, and maintenance service providers are able to provide a 10 year satisfaction guarantee for each building. The investors will be pleased to know that these rennovations are made to last for longer periods of time, and the maintenance is simple and cost-effective. The invented patented technological mineral systems are affordable and the reconstruction process is 50% faster. The technological mineral system consists of 5 inventions, and all of them are designed on the basis of minerals. All of these inventions represent an important progress for the maintenance of cultural heritage and historical buildings for the whole world, and the main technological system is patented in EU as well. The technological system is „green“ (aka. ecologically friendly) and energy efficient. It does NOT contain CO2.

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