2057 - Rotary motor with geared transmission for use of compressible media drive

Ing. Jiří Dvořák

Patent WO 2015 176692

A rotary motor with a geared transmission for use of compressible media drive which contains a stator which is procured with at least one, preferably two, triangular cavities which are sealed to surrounding environment and which are procured with rounded peaks from which into each is led in at least one canal for entry and exit of compressible medium where in each cavity is embedded a rotary piston with en elliptical crosscut in the way that its lengthwise axis which is parallel with an axis of a rotary element is displaced regarding to a lengthwise axis of the inner cavity of the stator of a value of eccentricity in order to reach a planetary movement of the rotary piston namely during the displacement of the lengthwise axis of the rotary piston along a circle with radius of the eccentricity; where the essence of the invention is in the fact that the mutual coupling of the rotary pistons with a driven mechanism is achieved by led out of following pins of the rotary pistons out of the cavities of the stator where they are procured with rotary cog wheels which are mutually coupled with the geared elliptical rotary element which is connected with the driven mechanism.

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