2055 - Passively Actuated Cross-Flow Valve for the Coaxial Tubing

Gregor/ Frýbort/ Hájek

Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.

Patent PV 2015 - 723

The basic components of the design are two discs – a movable disc and a fixed-mounted disc (of the same shape with six annular sectors), diameter of which is larger than the diameter of the outer tube of the coaxial piping, and as such they extend up to the flow cross-sections of both branches of the coaxial tubing. The discs have slant drilled holes in the annular sectors of the valve body, enabling crossing of the flows. Changing the valve position from closed to open is actuated by a lever, which is controlled by a piston. The piston is placed in a cylinder and jointed with the valve body and interconnected via a signal pipe with both the suction and delivery sides of the main circulation compressor in the circuit. Force of a spring acts on the piston to overcome gas overpressure that is equal to the pressure difference between the suction side and the delivery side of the circulation compressor. If any change in pressure occurs, the proportion of forces acting on the piston will change and this will initiate movement of the lever and turning of the valve disc.

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