2041 - Elevator shaft and cabin structures

Jan Mrázek doc. RNDr. Ing., CSc., Leopold Hrabovský doc. Ing., Ph.D., Jiří Zegzulka prof. Ing., CSc.

Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava

Patent 305668

The present invention is characterized by the formation of a simple structure of an elevator shaft (1) and cabin (4), which are to be used even in confined spaces, or on envelope of buildings without intervention in the communications over land. A section (3) of the elevator shaft (1) wall (2) is movable and enables increase in the shaft (1) horizontal cross section up to a size, corresponding to the cabin (4) dimensions (4), wherein the external jacket (27) thereof is provided with means for reducing friction between the external jacket (27) of the cabin (4) and inner surface of the movable section (3) of the elevator shaft (1) wall (2).

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