2032 - Vehicle for transporting biomass into marshy meadows areas.

dr inz. Tomasz Muszynski, dr inż. Marian Lopatka, dr hab. inz. Andrzej Typiak, mgr inz. Piotr Krogul, mgr inz. Mirosław Przybysz, mgr inz. Rafal Typiak, mgr inz. Kacper Spadlo, mgr inz. Karol Cieslik, mgr inz. Miroslaw Jaskolowski, mgr inz. Arkadiusz Rubi

Military University of Technology


The vehicle is designed to transport biomass from ecologically protected areas of marsh meadows. It supports the process of care their habitat. Itself loads and unloads. It has submitted tracks for easy transport.

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