2029 - Cell for automated rapid welding of parts made of thick metal sheet

Jacek Dunaj, Kacprzak Stanisław, Klimasara Wojciech, Pachuta Mareky, Pilat Zbigniew, Słowikowski Marcin, Smater Michał, Zieliński Jacek, Żarek Mirosław

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP

Patent P.411871

Developed by PIAP an automated hybrid welding cell is used for joining elements of a considerable thickness with deep penetration in single runs at a high speed. The cell consist of an industrial robot equipped with a head which integrates the plasma torch and the MIG / MAG torch. Additional laser sensor system realise the joined elements edges tracking. According to the tracking results the system allows on-line correction of robot movements and at the same time assures the proper weld position.

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