2027 - New innovation solution of construction of mixer

Jaroslaw Rajczyk, Marlena Rajczyk, Pawel Rajczyk, Michal Czopek

Czestochowa University of Technology


The invention consists in a mixer of wet and dry mixtures used in construction, particularly plasters, mortars and glues for construction materials. The mixer is equipped with shaft with spiral, conical springs with triangular  lateral outlines, where longer catheti is situated in the same plane as the mixer's rotation plane, perpendicular to the shaft axis. In comparison with existing mixing patterns, the invention's structure gives  40% smaller power demand and 40% shorter mixing time. Using autonomic spiral components in form of conical, right-angled triangular springs makes possible more efficient disintegration of the smallest mixture particles, which helps to preserve constant homogeneous structure of mixture and increases its durability (glues mainly).

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