2024 - Blind Spot by Bluetooth (BSB)

Eng. Khaled Abdul Hamid Elnems

U.A.E. Science Club (Fujairah) - Under General Authority of Youth & Sport Well, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Patent 2013.10. 501

It is View by mobile the blind spot (vehicle rear) by Bluetooth alarm system control installed (Device in the rear sides for vehicle wheels) with self- power (charger Movement by wheels)), belonging to the vehicle safe driving device technology. Technical solution that contains in the rear sides for vehicle wheels. The advantages that: only installed Bluetooth transmitter Device in the rear sides for vehicle wheels, self- power (because it is powered by moving wheels charger), no drilling, wiring, change car circuit; easy to install, can be installed by the owners themselves, without professional; low cost, the cost of less than 10 $,

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