Dr. Eng. Hebatalrahman Ahmed

The Egyptian Inventors Syndicate - The Egyptian Society for Women & Youth Inventor

Patent 142/2013

Furnace for clean melting is compatible with environment without harmful exhaust. The new process does not change the chemical composition of the molten material. It is suitable for all types of alloys, pure metals, plastics and Ceramics. The photons energy from lasers equal to the latent heat of melting was absorbed by the material which changes from solid to liquid state. Furnace has spherical shape to reduce energy consuming. It have three laser entrance at the base of triangle cone, the rays was collected at the melting crucible, the furnace is thermally insulated and can work under vacuum to prevent oxidation. FIELDS OF APPLICATIONS: Clean melting for medical field - Metallurgical industries - Recycling of precious alloys - Space & electronics industries

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