2011 - Víceúčelový mobilní laserový systém pro precizní laserové svařování, navařování, gravírování a řezání

Ing. Jan Cieslar

MEPAC CZ, s.r.o.

Utility model in process PUV 2016-32460

Multipurpose mobile laser system, designed for precision laser welding, cladding, engraving and cutting on machine parts, sheets, tools and moulds regardless of their weight and size. The multipurpose mobile laser system excels in high compatibility and variability: • thanks to unique combination of manual motion of the laser head in a cylindrical coordinate system together with tilting possibilities, and thanks to electronic motion of the same laser head in the Cartesian coordinate system XYZ is the reaching of the working position very fast and very accurate, • the laser system is thanks to the (electro)magnetic fastening unit highly flexible, it is possible to make laser machining of small parts on the desktop, and for the machining of the large parts there is the laser equipment easily transferred and clamped on these parts, • laser system is in the weight balanced through the balance unit, so the handling is very fast, • unique high variability in the positioning of the system enables laser beam to achieve any shape surface of the mold or tool, • laser system is universal, it can operate as in QCW mode, suitable for laser welding (cladding), as well as in CW mode suitable for engraving, and cutting, • laser system has  significantly smaller dimensions, than the existing dedicated lasers (for example for welding/cladding).

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