2004 - Method for protecting rivets from falling out

Michał Sałaciński, Michał Stefaniuk, Magdalena Zabłocka, Piotr Synaszko


Patent P. 399601

The essence of the invention consists in that the surface of riveted metal sheets on either side of the seam riveted in a thin layer of fibrous polymer composite of which the adhesive is cured epoxy resin and reinforcement fibers, aramid fibers and glass fibers. The arrangement direction of the reinforcement in the layers of the composite, and the choice of polymer binder in the form of resin and hardener provides a rigid cap, slightly smaller, of the order of a few percent on the rigidity of sheet metal riveted to prevent excessive rigidity and riveted seam stress concentration. Advantage of the method a long lasting protection against falling out of the suture rivets and reduction of their vibration caused by the flow of high velocity air as well as working turbojet engine. A composite cap on either side of the rivet seam reduces the natural vibration frequency of the entire structure and increases its damping which prevents fatigue acoustic effect on plates and rivets.

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