2002 - Magnetic sealing blank flange

Ladislav Bieroš, Ing. Karel Szotkowski


Utility model 25555

Handling of objects in industrial production or transport leads to collisions sometimes the consequences of which include damage to steel vessels, tanks or pipes causing considerable leakage of liquids or bulk materials. Unfortunately, in many cases the costs of such incidents are not represented only by losses from the leakage of the transported or stored substances. The material losses are often exceeded by the costs associated with remedial actions to eliminate the damage to environment. Being aware that certain collisions can be avoided, the innovators among the company railway transport staff arrived at an idea to fabricate a universal sealing plug which would have a broad application as a quick fix where a temporary sealing of damaged area is necessary and therefore the following simple design was drawn up by them. The magnetic sealing plug consists of sealing layer with a set of permanent magnets. The sealing layer is composed of upper impermeable sealing layer of vulcanized rubber and lower sealing layer of compressible sealing material such as microporous rubber. The permanent magnets are placed in separate capsules embedded in the lower sealing layer. Each separate capsule with magnet is fixed to a compression plate through the upper impermeable sealing layer. When the sealing plug is attached the sealing layer overlap on the lower permanent magnet surface causes the sealing layer compression through the compression plates. The sealing plug is thus fastened to the damaged area thereby sealing also the surrounding area because the permanent magnets are evenly distributed over entire sealing layer. The elasticity of the impermeable layer and compression plates enables to better adapt the magnetic sealing plug shape to the sealed vessel wall shape including easy folding of the magnetic sealing plug over the vessel edge. The magnetic sealing plug is designed primarily for quick temporary external sealing of damaged areas of vessels made of ferromagnetic material such as fuel or transport tanks, vessels and pipes. The magnetic sealing plugs in the presented design can be used not only by professional rescue teams but also by plant operators. If they are applied there is no need of temporary sealing of damaged areas and quick removal of leaking liquids or bulk materials to substitute tanks which may not be readily available. The advantages of the magnetic sealing plug include high adaptability to virtually any vessel shape and higher quality of sealing of damaged area than achieved by the conventional methods of temporary sealing of damaged vessels.

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