1015 - Process and pump for blood circulation

Sfartz Pincu

Patent A/00219/23.03.2015

The invention refers to a process and a pump for blood circulation in human and animal bodies, in order to create a supplementary blood supply to organs suffering from circulatory failure or requiring an increase in blood supply, in cases of a more rapid healing or even in the case of total replacement of the heart. According to the invention, the process and the pumps for blood circulation are characterized by the fact that the drive of a blood pump is achieved at the expense of the energy of the respiratory cycle Pump operation. In the inspiration phase, the double housing-piston 1 compresses the pumping chamber 2a and relax (expands) the pumping chamber 2b, compressing simultaneously the elastic chamber 3 (the pneumatic chamber plus a calibrated spring) relatively to the fix double housing 4 which is supported in a relatively fixed position by the corset-belt. In the expiration phase, the elastic chamber 3 relaxes (expands) and compresses the pumping chamber 2b , simultaneously with the relaxation of the pumping chamber 2a.

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