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Patent 23969 (SI) - PCT/IB2012/057748, P-201500306 (SI)

Innovative dosing cap with a container for substances in various forms: liquid, powder,paste, also in the form of tablets or more tablets, is primarily characterized by the fact that it is made of only two pieces. Installation of the innovative dosing cap,filling with medium and manipulatin directly on the packaging line is therefore much simpler. A big advantage of the innovative dosing cap is also that, after activation and subsequent opening, it enables drinking directly from the PET bottle and not from the dosing cap, which due to its construction complicates pouring and thereby drinking of the beverage. All this proves that it is cheaper, more sophisticated and more environmentally friendly. We are also solving an ecological problem, since compared to already known caps, our production uses only a two-piece dosing cap which reduces the consumption of material for 25%. Innovative two-piece dosing caps, because they are made of only two parts, are much easier to assemble and filled with media. A big ecological problem is also that all known such lids often contain aluminium foil, which represent a major problem for recycling and therefore greatly reduces its effect, since such recycling produces more waste. With this innovative two-piece dosing cap we do not have this problem. Innovative dosing cap stands out especially because it is cheaper, more ecologically oriented and friendlier and simpler in its production and at the end in its use. Mentioned before, it stands out in that it is composed only of two pieces: The first, visible upper piece has two clockwise threads: first one for activation and cutting the bottom of the container, with a blockade for unscrewing to the left and the second one for opening the bottle, so that it enables drinking directly from the PET bottle. The first piece also has two seals (warnings): the first one protects and warns users about potential adivation and cutting of the bottle, and the second one protects and warns users about potential opening of the bottle. The first piece also has a knife, which cuts the bottom of the container upon right-hand rotation and the medium falls in the bottle, which is normally filled with water. The cap is designed so that the knife, which is a part of the first part of the cap, can not be turned back to the left. With this first rotation to the right, we destroy the first seal (warning). Now, we shake the whole bottle. When the drink is well mixed and ready to drink, we turn the cap to the left and remove the complete two-piece dosing cap,only the second seal (warning) remains on the bottle. We drink directly from the PET bottle, there is no mechanical obstacle preventing us from drinking, and we can completely empty the bottle or, if we want to save some drink for latter, we can screw the two-piece lid back on the bottle and the cap re-seals.

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