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ALEŠ RAJŠTER SInnoFORGE d.o.o. Patent 23969 (SI) - PCT/IB2012/057748, P-201500306 (SI) Innovative dosing cap with a container for substances in various forms: liquid, powder,paste, also in the form...

1011 - Ecopress

STEELTEC CZ, s.r.o. STEELTEC CZ, s.r.o. Patent 11914 PET bottles handpresser, Can hadpresser

1012 - Green Electric Tee With Peak Hours Alarm

Seyed Hamid Seyedi Fazlollahi, Narges Tekye First Institute Researchers and Inventors in Iran Patented This creative idea helps us to solve many problems related to using Electricity by Electric Tee...

1015 - Process and pump for blood circulation

Sfartz Pincu Patent A/00219/23.03.2015 The invention refers to a process and a pump for blood circulation in human and animal bodies, in order to create a supplementary blood supply to organs...

2001 - Piercing Mill Support Cylinder

Tomáš Perna, Petr Unucka, Marek Vindyš, Jaroslav Pindor Materiálový a metalurgický výzkum s.r.o.   The purpose of the submitted invention is to optimize piercing of semi-products used in...

2002 - Magnetic sealing blank flange

Ladislav Bieroš, Ing. Karel Szotkowski TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s. Utility model 25555 Handling of objects in industrial production or transport leads to collisions sometimes the consequences of which...

2003 - Mould for ingot casting

Ing. Bohuslav Chmiel, Ing. Jan Morávka TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s., Materiálový a metalurgický výzkum s.r.o. Patent 303558 In the present invention, there is disclosed an ingot mold with improved inner...

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